Beach Volleyball & Court Diagram

The first recorded beach volleyball games took place on the beaches of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Outrigger Canoe Club in the early 1900’s.  Originally designed to give bored surfers something to do when the surf was down, the game quickly developed into more organized six-man matches.  Most of these early beach volleyball matches were played with teams of at least six players per side, much like indoor volleyball.  The concept of the modern two-man beach volleyball game, however, is credited to Paul "Pablo" Johnson, an indoor player.  In the summer of 1930, while waiting for players to show up for a six-man game, Johnson decided to try playing with only the four people present—the game was forever changed.  Beach volleyball, or sand volleyball, is an Olympic team sport played on sand.  Like other variations of volleyball, two teams, separated by a high net, try to score points against the other by grounding a ball on the other team's court.  Competitive beach volleyball teams usually consist of two players, though recreational variations can contain up to six players.

Beach Volleyball is an exciting game to watch!  The video below is a great example of the game and how teamwork can make even an underdog win Gold in the 2000 Sydney Australia Olympics!  Watch and be inspired by their desire, determination, heart, belief in themselves and how playing like a Champion even if no one else thought they could do it, did it!

2000 Sydney Australia Olympic Men's Beach Volleyball

2000 Sydney Australia Olympic Gold Medal Men's Beach Volleyball Team USA
An Interview with Dain Blanton & Eric Fonoimoana

Beach Volleyball Court ( Aerial View )

2008 Beijing China Olympic Beach Volleyball