Dance Do’s & Don’ts


1.  ASK TO DANCE AND ACCEPT THEM POLITELY.  Gentlemen and Ladies don’t just stick your hand out.  Look the person you want to dance with in the eyes and politely ask them for a dance.

2.  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR GRIP.  Relax, don’t be pushy or clingy, or expect the other to hold you up.  Watch the fingers in the back ( During Closed Position )

3.  FOLLOWERS WILL FOLLOW THE LEADER.  If followers want to dance with the wall, then by all means but your grade will be effected.  However, for a great dance experience, enjoy the roller coaster ride and/or conversation that come along with it.  Leads are working really hard to show you a good time.

4.  HAVE GOOD HYGIENE.  Use commonsense, no one likes a partner who doesn’t smell good.

5.  LET THE LADY CHOOSE THE DISTANCE.  So you’re dancing and your follower keeps getting away from you.  Pick up the hint and let her.  She probably has her reasons.

6.  APOLOGIZE WHEN YOU BUMP OR KICK SOMEONE.  Even if you are not sure whose fault it is.  This is a hard one to remember, especially when the heels of your dance shoe are involved.  Dancing is an art express it on the floor.

7.  SMILE!  Enjoy yourself, express yourself and HAVE FUN this Isn’t Math Or Science Class!