Class Behavior Expectations & Guidelines

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Physical Education Class Behavior Expectations and Guidelines

1.  Be Safe
Be sure everything you do in class is safe so that you do not harm yourself or others.  We do not play contact sports in Physical Education class therefore you should be in control of your body by keeping your hands and other parts to yourself.  Being safe is not only found in your actions but also in your words.  You are not allowed to make fun of someone, tease someone or put someone down.  Any action that is unsafe will result in immediate ejection from activity or class—there will be NO warnings when safety is in question.

2.  Be Respectful
Everybody counts!  Hurt feelings can take longer to heal than bruises and therefore accepting and cooperating with each other is important.  Follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you wish to be treated.  Be sure everything you do is respectful of others and the surroundings you are working in and with.  Equipment and facilities are a privilege and should be respected as such.

3.  Do Your Best
It is not in the amount of skill that matters but your effort.  Each student will participate fully within his or her ability in each activity and class.  Every activity is dependent upon each person participating and being an active part of his or her team or project.  When one person does not do their part, the rest of the team or group must work harder to make up for that person.

4.  Listen
Listen when others are talking.  Listening is a sign of respect; it allows others to learn as well as provides each other an opportunity to state a thought or opinion.  When you listen to others you will hear important information from your classmates and your teacher.  If you have a concern or question please raise your hand to get my attention, do not shout or yell.

5.  Freeze
Freeze is for your safety.  There are many of you and only one of me, when you hear me say FREEZE I need you to Stop, Point and Listen.  If you have equipment in your hands quickly put it on the ground between your feet and listen for instructions.  The gym and yard are large in size and when we are having fun, laughing and yelling it can be difficult to hear me, when you hear me blow my whistle I need you to freeze.

Unwritten Rule - HAVE FUN!
If you follow the classroom rules and participate fully you will have fun time; fun learning about sport and technique, fun with friends, fun while leaning about fitness and health related topics to endure a lifetime.

Golden Rule
Treat others how I want to be treated; when you are nice to others they are nice to you in return and fun is had by all.