Physical Education Syllabus

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Physical Education Course Syllabus

Contact Information & Office Hours
Teacher:  Gene Borja
Telephone:  ( 650) 366 – 6127
Email Address:
On Campus:  Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 10:05 AM – 10:50 AM
( Please Contact The Office To Set-Up An Appointment )

Course Overview & Objectives
The Physical Education Program at OLMC is designed to develop the emotional, mental, physical, and social aspects of living necessary for a happy and productive life.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of individual and team sports, which include skills, rules, game strategy, and physical fitness. 
Emphasis in the program is placed on providing an opportunity for individual growth and success.

Learning Objectives
1. Create and maintain mental and physical fitness.
2. Develop leadership skills and encourage the proper care of personal and school property and to respect the rights of other students.
3. Encourage growth through interaction with others in both individual and team activities and sports.
4. Develop a basic knowledge of skills, strategies, sportsmanship and personal fitness goals.
5. Instill an attitude of worthy use of leisure time through activity at home, school and in the community.

Physical Education Program
Baseball & Softball
Dance & Spatial Awareness
Gaelic Football / Soccer
Hockey / Lacrosse
Physical Fitness
Team Handball
Track & Field
Ultimate Frisbee

General Approach
Class time will incorporate a mixture of lecture along with peer teaching and learning through demonstration and active involvement and participation in the lesson.  The student’s role in class is to become aware of their surroundings by asking questions and exploring new possibilities.  My role as the teacher will be as a guide and encourage student’s though personal discovery and introspection to reveal their true potential.

Course Materials (
3rd – 8th Grade Only )
-Physical Education Notebooks are an essential component to learning and is mandatory for every class.
-Black or Blue pen or pencil only, no other colors are accepted.
-Some homework will involve watching videos of sports, skills and techniques online as well as doing research, therefore computer and Internet access will aid in unit instruction.

Course Requirements & How Students Will Be Evaluated

In order to be successful in this course, students will actively participate in class, complete homework on time, work co-operatively with others and make a conscience effort to learn.  Grading is based on cumulative scores of quizzes and homework and active participation in class.

Please see Grading Policy Handout and Refocus Station Worksheet for details.

1.  Every student will be involved during class time and will have his or her own piece of equipment to participate in all activities and games.
2.  Notebooks will be used during every class and must be brought to class everyday.  
3.  Students will be prepared, on-time and on-task.
4.  Students will not disrupt class and others from learning.
5.  Students will be honest and respectful of ideas of people and of their property.
6.  Students will follow all Classroom Expectations and Guidelines, i.e. Be Safe, Do Your Best, Be Respectful, Listen and Freeze.
7.  Consequences for poor choices will result in being sent to the Re-Focus Station, filling out R.F. Station Worksheet and reduction in grade for the day—due to the lack of participation in class.
8.  Major tests will be announced but surprise quizzes are possible.
9.  Homework will not be accepted for full-credit if turned in late, unless otherwise discussed.
10. All homework must be neat, have name, grade and student number present for grading.

Fitness Testing ( 5th & 7th Grade Only )
Fitness Testing will begin in February and end in May.  The following tests have been chosen as the standard assessment of Aerobic Endurance, Strength and Flexibility:
-Curl – Up Test
-Pacer Test
-Push – Up Test
-Sit & Reach
-Trunk Lift

Academic Integrity
Please refer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parent – Student Handbook for Schools Values and Policies regarding academic integrity.

Field Day
To be determined and announced at a later date.