Physical Fitness is defined as a State of Good Health

Cardiovascular Exercise Benefits:
The following benefits can be achieved through engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise:
          ·      The heart muscle becomes stronger
          ·      The heart beats at a slower rate when resting
          ·      The heart is able to squeeze a greater volume of blood out per contraction
          ·      Recovery after exercise is enhanced
          ·      The heart becomes more efficient and delivers more blood with less effort
          ·      The lungs become more efficient at delivering oxygen
          ·      Increased elasticity of the arteries thus improving circulation
          ·      Increased numbers of capillaries within muscles, improving circulation
          ·      Our blood volume increases, enabling greater uptake and delivery of oxygen 
                 to our bodies
          ·      Blood Cholesterol Levels decrease
          ·      Endorphins may be released causing us to feel happier and healthier
          ·      Muscles and joints become stronger
          ·      Increased calorie expenditure and higher metabolic rate

As a result of increased cardiovascular fitness the following effects on health may be observed:
          ·      Reduced risk of heart disease
          ·      Reduced risk of stroke
          ·      Favorable cholesterol levels
          ·      Reduced risk of blood clots
          ·      Maintain blood pressure at a healthy level
          ·      Reduced stress and depression
          ·      Increased ability to manage weight
Stretching and Flexibility Benefits:
          ·      Increases joint range of motion
          ·      Reduces muscle tension
          ·      Develops body awareness
          ·      Promotes increased circulation
          ·      You feel good
          ·      Increase length of the muscle-tendon unit
Strength Exercise Benefits:
          ·      Increased strength
          ·      Improved posture
          ·      Prevent injuries
          ·      Improve performance in sports and day-to-day activities
          ·      Maintain general health
          ·      Improve physical appearance