Feedback, what is it?  Is it noise or is it helpful coaching and positive reinforcement?  
When and where do we use it and whom do we give it to?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Feedback is defined as:
Feed-back  \’fed-,bak\  ( Noun )
     The transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, 
     eventor process to the original or controlling source; also: the information so 

When we observe movement, technique or action we evaluate it and judge it according to our ability to be good, better or needs improvement.  If it is good we congratulate or reinforce it by giving feedback and saying, “Good Job!” “Attaboy! or Attagirl!” “Awesome!” etc.  If it is better than our own ability we ask for help or advice in the form of feedback and if we judge it to be not as good or needs improvement than we give feedback.  It can be given and received and is helpful advice on how to improve or become better.  Keep in mind feedback is not only found in your words but also in your actions.  Think about the difference between Verbal and Non-verbal communication and consider the following:

Communication  =  Feedback
               55%  Your Body Language
               38%  Tone in your Voice
             +  7%  Words you use

               100% of what you are really saying

How true are the percentages above?  Do you think your Body Language says more than your words?  What about the tone in your voice?  Can you think of some examples of positive and negative feedback without saying anything?

How will you use it?  What will you say and to whom…?

Remember when you use feedback properly its good a sign of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.  Feedback can provide more than helpful advice but create a friendship or bond that will last a lifetime.