Training Zones

130 - 145 Beats Per Minute - Fat Burning Zone
This zone uses fat calories rather than carbohydrate calories for its fuel and as a result helps individuals lose weight. The workout provides a more leisurely type of workout and is a good workout for those concerned with weight management or with weight loss. It is effective when used as a recovery workout following an intense workout such as training for a sport when a recovery is needed. It is also good to use after an injury because it is of a low intensity, yet long enough, (time) so that you get a beneficial workout. The FAT BURNING ZONE is also good when learning and perfecting new activities and skills.

          ·      6 Times Per Week: 40% - 50% MHR: 60 Minutes 
          ·      Activities might include: walking, recreational swimming, biking, volleyball and badminton

145 - 170 Beats Per Minute - Healthy Heart Zone 
The Healthy Heart Zone strengthens the heart and gives it the opportunity to work at its optimum level with a steady, pain-free, moderate pace. This workout allows you to accelerate the development of a specific body part by having them work harder for a shorter period of time. The intensity level, while strengthening the heart, is still, however, at a pain-free level

          ·      4 - 5 Times Per Week: 50% - 70% MHR: 30 Minutes
          ·      Activities might include: moderate movement such as continuous tag games, biking, rollerblading and team handball 

170 - 185 Beats Per Minute - Kick It Zone
The Kick It Zone benefits both the heart and the respiratory system. From this aerobic training zone, you will enhance your body's ability to move oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from the muscle being used. You will feel some of the discomforts of the training, but it is not painful. Your breathing will be strong, you will be working hard, and you will feel the exertion on your body.

    ·   3 Times Per Week: 70% - 85% MHR: 15 - 30 Minutes 
    ·   Activities might include aerobics, running, working on the treadmill or ski machine, playing basketball or soccer 

Power Zone
The Power Zone allows you to cross over and begin anaerobic training (anaerobic training means without oxygen). There is no exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your muscles. The main benefit of this training is that you increase your body's ability to metabolize lactic acid, and thus allowing your muscles to train harder before crossing into the pain of lactate accumulation and oxygen debt, another words, the pain of working out! The intensity of this training is hard. You will experience tired muscles, heavy breathing, and fatigue. This level is generally used if you are training for competition. If you are untrained or out of condition you will feel discomfort. 

    ·   2 Times Per Week: 80% - 95% MHR: 5 - 10 Minutes 
    ·   Activities might include weight lifting or a series of 100m dashes